Here’s new take on the old family stickers on the backs of cars.
Me and Mom

Normally I’m not a fan of the hidden camera prank- but this one rocks!
Funny Photo Prank

Finally, technology allows men to really understand what women mean…

Looks like the family dog is in a bit of trouble.
Little Dog May Know What Happened

English Animals for your amusement.
Funny Animals Soundtracks

Holy cow! A live ghost on video!!!

Ghost Caught On Tape

Killing men’s joy one sale at a time!
Boob Apron

Steve Jobs have a made comprehensive statement showing how they feel about their customer’s problem with the antenna:

Oh wow, what do you do when Mom hits you with a friend request???
Mom's on Facebook

T-Shirts Not For the Easily Offended (NSFW of course…)


Florida Bikinis Daily Pic

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      • ♦ 1961 Robert Noyce is granted a patent for the integrated circuit.
      • ♦ 1972 Glider pilot Hans Grosse flies a record 1461 km
      • ♦ 1975 First Boeing Jetfoil service, Hong Kong to Macao.
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