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    I’ve been subject to all manner of asshatery and douchebaggery while driving the pitmobile to and from work, the gym, etc.  If you’re over 16 and not paying $500 a month in auto insurance, you too have learned a thing or two about defensive driving.  Here’s a tip from Cartalk on how to set your […]

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    So there’s a theory that employers don’t update your work badge because it’s cheaper and the employees don’t like it.  I recently pulled out a passport photo from ten years ago and I don’t recognize my picture- the job and the twitery is taking its toll…

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    Minimum use of force my ass– personally I think the cops should have used double aught buck.  No tasers, no I’m sorry, screw you scumbag.  When did the rights of the criminal become so important?

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    I don’t know Jane. But she gets credit and a free mention for this line… So instead, I’ll try to change the cost-benefit analysis. With your help, I’d like to make this little incident as expensive for Sony as possible. Let’s remind Sony that sometimes, the dumb bitches have blogs. And friends with blogs. Also […]

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    Yeah, yeah, I haven’t posted in a while, you’re entitled to a full refund.  :)  So I’m power surfing- between porn links and that freaky site where people pop zits (WTF??) I come across these guys.  It’s a freakin’ bucket and a ukulele.  Some people are just naturals.

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