Well that sucked. I noticed we had a 20 second page load, so there’s a problem. Humn…lots of suspects- probably way too many calls off site- but hey, do we give up the joke feed? The bikini picture? Hell no. So looking at some caching programs, and one just refused to let go or uninstall. I think I got it tamed- but in the meantime the site theme changed a couple of times while I fought with it. You guys crack me up- check out my inbox…

Hey Pit-



Direct…to the point…tactless. I like it.

Will, site’s Tango Uniform. Mark

Thanks Mark. For those of you without a military background Tango Uniform is phonetic for TU. Tits Up- as in dead.

Hey, there’s little dots in the header- something is going on in your site.

Thanks Becky, looks like the gzip of the css messed up the headers. A 3 second page load! Of course you couldn’t *READ* anything. Sigh.

I’ll keep working on it. Remember kids, never force anything. Always get a bigger hammer.


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"Admin Notes- Adventures in Caching" by was published on February 10th, 2008 and is listed in Administration, Funny Pictures.

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