Ripped one
So evidently I need to work on my social graces. I let out a rather loud and satisfying burp the other day, and my wife saw fit to comment.

Wife: “Well Done.” (I married because she appreciates the finer things)
Me: “Just well done??? That was spectacular!”
Wife: “Yeah, my Dad is better”

Sometimes I say things without thinking. Stupid things. Like this…

“Yeah, that’s what you Mom told me too”

Evidently women don’t like yo mamma jokes..

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"Angry Wife" by was published on January 5th, 2008 and is listed in Assorted Twits, Funny, Funny Stories.

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Comments on "Angry Wife": 4 Comments

  1. Joke of the day » Angry Wife wrote,

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  2. Lope wrote,

    That was funny — we were in the hall cracking up over that. (I’m the wife)

    But my dad is still a more prolific burper. And farter.


  3. Pit wrote,

    Give it time…

  4. Lope wrote,

    I have faith in you, Darling!

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