So part of running a website is the normal housekeeping- checking logs, fixing dead links etc. I came across one of the search results that brought one of you, my loyal readers, to the site. Turns out I’m #1 on Google for: Backhanding a Man’s Testicles.

#1 on Google

Humn. Well having owned a set of testicles for my entire life, I’d have to say I’m rather ANTI-backhanding however, I must give the people what they want. The fact that this guy is a complete idiot for volunteering for this makes it less wrong- but nuts are supposed to be protected rather than sacrificed. There’s some NSFW language because, well the guy gets hit in the nuts. You’re allowed to curse in church after a ballshot. Click the picture to see the carnage.

backhand testicles

Looking for more? How about a grown man being reduced to crying like a little girl after a pillow fight goes horribly wrong.
pillow fight gone wrong

This is why Japanese gameshows suck…
Evil Japanese Gameshow

And for the truly hardened among you- the nutshot compilation:
Nutshot Compilation

Bill Cosby said “Never raise your hands to your children. It leaves your groin unprotected…”

*Twitfall does not endorse nor condone ballshots, nutchecks, bag smacks or any other cheesy euphemism for knocking the bejesus out of the family jewels. Life is rough- buy a cup.

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"Backhanding a Man’s Testicles – Funny Video" by was published on February 28th, 2008 and is listed in Assorted Twits, Funny Video.

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  1. Why Hurt Testicles? - Funny Video (Sad Video? Violent Video?) | Twitfall wrote,

    […] for “why hurt testicles funny”. Evidently I’ve become nut busting central. The Backhanding a Man’s Testicles post wasn’t enough…I don’t know if I happy about this or not, I mean sure […]

  2. John wrote,

    very very funny. yet somewhat painful to watch haha.

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