Dick HatHey baby, want a piece of chocolate? No, not in the box. Lower….lower, yeah… So an enterprising company has come up with what I think is a unique idea. A chocolate hat for your little friend. Turns out there was a ground breaking study that reveals that women prefer a sensual chocolate to a sexual encounter. So these guys are trying to combine both. They have a viking helmet and a cowboy hat now, currently working on the sombrero and a few more ideas. Link probably nsfw, unless of course the boss has no problem with pictures of chocolate on dildos…snicker. Dick hats.

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"Dick Hats" by was published on March 31st, 2008 and is listed in Assorted Twits.

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Comments on "Dick Hats": 5 Comments

  1. Jillian wrote,

    LOL… Seriously, those are awesome. Just the idea…..

  2. Lope wrote,

    Just don’t bite down too much, hehehee

  3. Pit wrote,

    LOL, very clever. Lope mentioned that they should make a sombrero…you know, in case your little friend is taking a siesta…

  4. Lope wrote,

    You know, drooping a bit…resting in the noonday sun.

  5. Pit wrote,

    Like this guy…

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