SmokeyI have to admit I’m more than a little happy to see the old generation stomp the living daylights out of today’s young criminals. First there was the SEVENTY year old marine who broke the neck of a gun wielding punk. Let’s get this straight. Three assholes, two armed with knives and one with a gun, and this old devil dog snaps the neck of the TWENTY year old punk with the gun. His buddies? Yeah, they ran.

Now there’s a peer review of the shooting of an intruder by an EIGHTY year old retired green beret. Seems Smokey Taylor woke up to someone rummaging through his house. He confronted the punk, who drew a knife, so Smokey shot him between the eyes with a .22. It bounced off, the kid crapped himself and tried to run, but the police caught him. Smokey had some explaining to do to his special forces buddies, on why he didn’t use a larger caliber and save the county the cost of a trial.

A burglar broke into a home and was looking around. He heard a soft voice say, “Jesus is watching you”. Thinking it was just his imagination, he continued his search. Again the voice said “Jesus is watching you”. He turned his flashlight around and saw a parrot in a cage. He asked the parrot if he was the one talking and the parrot said, “yes.” He asked the parrot what his name was and the parrot said, “Moses.” The burglar asked, “what kind of people would name a parrot Moses?” The parrot said, “the same kind of people who would name their pit bull Jesus”.

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"Don’t Mess with Grandpa" by was published on February 4th, 2008 and is listed in Assorted Twits, Cool, Criminals, Stupid Should hurt.

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  1. Susan Kuhnhausen Opens a Can of Whoop Ass in the Kitchen | Twitfall wrote,

    […] Badass of the Week (now there’s a website name for you…) has an article on Susan Kuhnhausen. Susan is an operating room nurse- and one tough broad. Apparently things weren’t going so well in the marriage, and her husband decided to try something different than counseling. She comes home one day and her husband has hired some asshole to kill her. The guy hits her in the head with a claw hammer- and that’s where Susan opens a serious can of whoop ass. It went to the ground, and apparently Susan has been working on her ground game- score OR nurse 1 – Hitman 0. That’s right, Susan went to the hospital, hitman went to the morgue- she locked him up and choked him out- permanently. Sometimes I have trouble getting the lid of the spaghetti jar. Gotta love it when the victim gets the better of the criminal. […]

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