So I’m driving in a parking garage at work.  It has a blind corner where you make a 180 degree turn.  There’s a mirror.  I’ve learned to watch the mirror since no one else is smart enough to do that.  At least a half dozen times I’ve hit the breaks only to watch some startled moron’s eyes jump to the size of dinner plates when they realize there’s another car around the corner, and they’re going so fast we’re going to hit unless I’m stopped- and I am.  They go off and perform more dumbassery, and I go home and fill up my site with how stupid they are.  Anyway today was the day of the special twit.    I had to back up to avoid a genius- get this.  She was on her cell phone…wait for it… and backing around the corner.  She only had enough brain power to do one thing and…here it comes…she hit a concrete post.  Not another car, not me…yes a post!  Of course she won’t learn anything and in her mind it was unavoidable, but at least it’s expensive…

Stuck on a rock...


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"Twit Parking" by was published on December 19th, 2006 and is listed in Assorted Twits, Driving.

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