So Lope and I rented a movie the other day.  Never mind I can’t skip the damn “Don’t pirate this or we’ll bugger you in the ass from here to eternity in FRENCH message”- once I skip the previews and the feature starts, it’s: 

A Balllicker Production- splash screen.  A Somejackassyoudon’tcareabout Film- another logo.  In association with Somebigassmoviehousewhogetsmoneyonthis Studios another logo.  Then the movie starts, first line of the credits is: A Ballicker Production…and it goes through crediting all the assholes who bankrolled the film. 

Here’s an idea you twits.  We DON’T CARE who you are.  I either bought a ticket to watch your film, or I paid to rent it.  Put all that shit at the end of the film- if people want to read it then let them stick around to the end to watch it.  If you did a great job on the flick they’ll do that.  Start off the film right- a spectacular explosion, a kick ass gunfight or some pissed girl with a sword.  Hell I think I should open up a film school… 


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"Give Credit Where Credit is Due" by was published on January 15th, 2007 and is listed in Assorted Twits.

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