What the hell happened to parental responsibility in this country?  When I grew up if my baseball went through a window, Dad paid the bill.  (He then took it out of my hide and allowance, but that’s another story.)  Seems like every day where there’s some horribly inept parent who blames someone else for their child’s misfortune.  The latest is the woman who bought her kid a hot chocolate from Starbucks, handed it to her in her CAR SEAT and drove off.  She claims the child was burned so badly skin was peeling.  I feel sorry for the poor child having a mother so stupid- Mommy should have tested it on her own leg first.  Give a child hot chocolate without checking it, what an idiot.  Of course it’s Starbucks’ fault- and only money will make it right.

I like this story a lot better.  Dog handler leaves dog in car.  As punishment he gets pissed and runs over a woman on the way to the mailbox.  Imagine that insurance claim…”You got run over by a dog???”

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"Sorry Kid, Mommy’s a Twit" by was published on December 6th, 2006 and is listed in Assorted Twits, Parents.

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