Inmates Seeking OutmatesOkay, I’m not making this up. If it’s a scam it’s well done. A website has been established to set up eligible female inmates for marriages in the states that allow conjugal visits. Being married apparently allows them time for some…uh…physical affection either monthly or quarterly (which is more than some of my married friends, but I digress). Anyway, they specialize in “lifers”, so the prospective prince doesn’t have to deal with her outside of visiting hours. Wow. Check out scrappy at the left- pay attention to her conviction and then read her intro. See the rest at Conjugal Harmony.

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"Conjugal Harmony" by was published on April 21st, 2008 and is listed in Stupid Should hurt.

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  1. DailyContempt wrote,

    Marry a sexy prisoner! And have sex with her too! A website where you can finally meet the love of your life, you know, murderers, drug runners. If this is real, it will answer the prayers of nerdy get nones everywhere! GET SOME! 🙂

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