Dredge Up Some CareSo I get an email from Entrecard…

Your account ‘Twitfall’ on entrecard.com has been warned. The administrator provided the following message: Your blog has a popup advertisement. This violates the Entrecard TOS. Please remove this within 72 hours. We have received complaints the image is offensive.

Let’s break this down, shall we kids?

“Twitfall…has been warned…Your blog has a popup advertisement”
I’ve been warned- oh my, whatever will I do. Who do these people think they are? By pop-up I’m assuming they mean the girls sliding up the side of the window, which is technically a flash animation, but I digress. Popups and audio ads do piss me off. I got an email from an actual reader, Dave concerned that the ads were malware, so I was thinking about pulling them before the content Gestapo stopped by…

This violates the Entrecard TOS. Please remove this within 72 hours.
Well holy shit, I’ve upset the people who had a 125×125 banner on my site. I pulled my entrecard traffic- it’s about .5% of my visitors. I then went to my host and checked to see how much of my host bill entrecard pays. Oddly enough, $0. So a semi-naked woman is offensive, but they’re fine with the Jizz in My Pants post and they’re fine with the Foul Mouth Shirts post. Good to go. OH MY GOD! I HAVE ONLY 72 HOURS TO RESPOND! I don’t respond very well to ultimatums- I went ahead and dumped the widget and account. Twitfall is and will continue to be a place where I post whatever the hell I want.

Here’s a novel idea. If you don’t like a website, move on. Not happy with a TV show? Change the channel. But you sanctimonious assholes who think you can define what’s right for everyone can enjoy a big steaming cup of…
Big Cup of STFU

Oh I suppose I’m overreacting- there are a some cool bloggers on entrecard- Julie, Fitz, Reggy, Diva, you know who you are. But if I had to read one more mommy blog about little billy spitting up I would have had to have taken my eyes out with my spoon. Shit, there I go being insensitive again…


So back to ads. Dave, an actual reader was concerned about the girls. I also didn’t much care for having to hover to close the ads, it wasn’t real intuitive. I’m debating going to self based advertising, doing a little house cleaning and I threw up a couple 125 x125s in the corner. Maybe a corner peel ad… something unobtrusive…

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"So Long Entrecard, Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Ass" by was published on February 1st, 2009 and is listed in Stupid Should hurt.

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Comments on "So Long Entrecard, Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Ass": 2 Comments

  1. fragileheart wrote,

    Oh man. I can’t believe I missed when this happened. LOL They’re pure douches over there. I haven’t taken mine down yet but I will as soon as I get rid of the last of my credits – I sponsored some contest.

  2. Pit wrote,

    LOL, well don’t bail on my account, there are a few good blogs on there, but wow what a time waster! Check out what they did to Turnip of Power. I just have a problem with a 125×125 adspace widget, which provides no monetary value, thinking it’s appropriate to dictate content…

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