Old people and technology.  Two things that go together like sandpaper and your teeth.

About ten years ago I was a shift supervisor in the communications squadron of the Air Force.  I had to support a number of assorted twits, and one of the most demanding was a librarian.  But not just any librarian, she was Methuselah, and I wouldn’t be surprised if got her original training at some ancient library in Greece.  Anyway, she calls me up one day…

Pit: Comm Squadron, can I help you? (Why was it no one ever called with anything helpful for us?  Pizza?  Beer???)
Twit:  Yes, this is GS-13 (name removed to protect the ignorant).  I need to order a new mouse pad.  (Now being a military base Ms Metamucil thought she’d get better service by listing her civilian rank.)
Pit: Ma’am?  You need a new mouse?
Twit: (In a condescending tone) No young man, I need another mouse pad.  YOUR organization gave me one that is too small.
Pit: Mousepad too small?
Twit: Yes, dimwit, I get to the end of the mouse pad before I’m at the end of the screen.
Pit:  Did you try picking the mouse up and putting it back at the beginning of the mouse pad?
Twit:  (Deep Sigh).  Hold On.  (30 seconds go by…)  Oh, never mind.  CLICK.

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"The Librarian" by was published on November 25th, 2006 and is listed in Work.

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