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  • by Pit

    So lately I’ve been getting cute stuff in the mail- doesn’t really go with the theme here at Twitfall, so I’m dumping it off to a new site- Funny, Cute Pictures. Check it out if you’re into that kind of thing- or you’re looking for a site that won’t horrify your mother. We now take […]

  • by Pit

    Well that sucked. I noticed we had a 20 second page load, so there’s a problem. Humn…lots of suspects- probably way too many calls off site- but hey, do we give up the joke feed? The bikini picture? Hell no. So looking at some caching programs, and one just refused to let go or uninstall. […]

  • by Pit

    I cutover Twitfall to the excellent new Shifter theme. Nice clean design, let me know any issues. Also check out the two black buttons on the toolbar with the white vertical lines.  You can move the sidebars! Pit

  • by Pit

    Wow, traffic quadrupled last couple of days- hello to my fellow stumblers! Don’t forget if you chuckle to hit the thumbs up button- the thumbs down is… uh…broken… 🙂 (If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, you should definitely visit StumbleUpon, it’s free and you’ll find more cool sites than you […]

  • by Pit

    Smart attracts Stupid… Loser2, October 2006.  For some reason, I seem to have a gift.  From far and wide, north and south, I attract the stupid, the incompetent, the witless.  For years I never paid that much attention to it, because in the end things always work out for me.  But I have to work […]

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