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  • by Pit

    So I had to totally emasculinating experience of ALMOST getting caught looking at porn.  See I had just finished working through the boob links on fark, and changed to a finance site.  Lope walked in and caught me looking at economic projections.  Damn it, I have an image to protect, patent horn dog, a rapid […]

  • by Pit

    Ah the Internet.  And sex.  There’s a school of thought the Internet would not have taken off like it has without porn.  Billions of dollars spent on filth.  God how I love the Internet.  You can find anything you want- and if you’re looking for love, here’s a little guide.

  • by Pit

    Spam would not exist without twits.  Think about it- you never click on that online viagra site- my Grandma doesn’t click on the penis enlargement sites- yet they continue to market via mass email.  Why?  Because if you send out ten million emails and get 100,000 responses for almost no cost, it’s a viable marketing […]

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      • ♦ TV-Turnoff Week
      • ♦ 585 War between Lydia and Media is ended by a solar eclipse.
      • ♦ 1686 First volume of Isaac Newton's PRINCIPIA is published.
      • ♦ 1754 Mutiny on the HMS Bounty occurs.
      • ♦ 1914 W. H. Carrier patents air conditioner.
      • ♦ 1919 First successful parachute jump is made.
      • ♦ 1942 "WW II" titled so, as result of Gallup Poll.
      • ♦ 1947 Thor Heyerdahl and Kon-Tiki sail from Peru to Polynesia.
      • ♦ 1952 WW II Pacific peace treaty takes effect.
      • ♦ 1974 Last Americans are evacuated from Saigon.
      • ♦ 1977 Christopher Boyce is convicted for selling satellite secrets.
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