Recent Criminals

  • by Pit

    When I was a kid my dearly departed Dad used to drink and drive. He was picked up like three times, but he doesn’t have anything on Henry Earl. Henry has been arrested more than 900 times. He’s been arrested so much he’s developed a cult following on the internet- Fark crashed the sheriff’s server […]

  • by Pit

    Grandma foils a carjacking… Stick Shift Foils Crook So a carjacker changes his mind when he sees the intended target is a stick. Apparently he only steals automatics… “…when he saw that the car had a manual transmission, he said, “Sorry, have a nice day” and took off, Dare said. He did keep the phone […]

  • by Pit

    I have to admit I’m more than a little happy to see the old generation stomp the living daylights out of today’s young criminals. First there was the SEVENTY year old marine who broke the neck of a gun wielding punk. Let’s get this straight. Three assholes, two armed with knives and one with a […]

  • by Pit

    I’m a law abiding citizen. I pay my taxes. I don’t break the law. But why in the hell does the law encourage me to be a victim? Pick up the phone and call 911 or pick up the 1911? How about both? Not that your average criminal twit is that bright… I believe a […]

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