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  • by Pit

    Little bastards running wild? Knocking over tables, yelling, screaming, back talking? Irma’s got a can full of remedy. Or is that a can full of whoop ass? Either way “Get ’em with the shoe!”

  • by Pit

    [youtube][/youtube] Now while you may chuckle at the video above, I think this is a case of life imitating art. How many times have you been in a supermarket/restaurant/movie and had your experience, which you were paying for, ruined by someone who can’t be bothered to get a babysitter? When I was a child I […]

  • by Pit

    Looks to me like someone’s getting a spanking… I grieve for our future.  It seems we’ve robbed this generation from good old fashioned values.  Remember when any adult could smack you upside the head for being a dumbass?  I remember being dragged by the ear out of the street by a neighbor because I was blocking […]

  • by Pit

    Okay, when I was in high school I had a HOT social studies teacher.  If she had been even vaguely accessible I’d have been on her like a jackrabbit on Viagra.  There would have been no long term damage, I wouldn’t have needed therapy- possibly cosmetic surgery to get the grin off my face…  […]

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      • ♦ 585 War between Lydia and Media is ended by a solar eclipse.
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      • ♦ 1754 Mutiny on the HMS Bounty occurs.
      • ♦ 1914 W. H. Carrier patents air conditioner.
      • ♦ 1919 First successful parachute jump is made.
      • ♦ 1942 "WW II" titled so, as result of Gallup Poll.
      • ♦ 1947 Thor Heyerdahl and Kon-Tiki sail from Peru to Polynesia.
      • ♦ 1952 WW II Pacific peace treaty takes effect.
      • ♦ 1974 Last Americans are evacuated from Saigon.
      • ♦ 1977 Christopher Boyce is convicted for selling satellite secrets.
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