One Summer a man decided to go on a hunting trip. So he picked up his rifle and set off into the woods. He sees a bear. BANG. Bear goes down, he heads into the clearing where the bear was but no bear. He feels a tap on his shoulder. He looks round, there’s the bear.

The bear says “Now, either you drop your trousers and let me have my way with you or I’ll eat you.”
So the man drops his trousers and lets the bear have its way. Next day, the man gets up and says “Argh my arse is red raw.” as he picks up his AK47 and heads off into the woods.

He sees a bear. BANG BANG BANG. Bear goes down, He heads into the clearing but once again no bear. He feels two taps on his shoulder. He looks round, this time he sees two bears. The bears say “So, what will it be?” So the man drops his trousers and lets the bears have their way.

On his final day the man picks up a rocket launcher and says “Right this time that bastard bear isn’t going to get its way, I don’t think my arse can take much more.” As he heads off in to the woods.

He sees a bear. BOOM! Bear goes down. “That got the fucker” He heads into the clearing but no bear. He feels a tap on his shoulder, he looks round and the bear says, “I guess your not here for the hunting are you?”

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"Bear Hunting – Funny Joke" by was published on May 18th, 2008 and is listed in Funny Joke.

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