OSHA has established new guidelines for the number of people that can ride my ass.


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"OSHA Bulletin – Funny Picture" by was published on February 8th, 2008 and is listed in Funny Pictures.

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      • ♦ 1842 Dr. Crawford Long, first uses ether as an anesthetic.
      • ♦ 1853 Patent granted to Hyman Lipman for a pencil with an ERASER!
      • ♦ 1854 Julliard Academy of Music is founded in New York City
      • ♦ 1867 US purchases Alaska for $7,200,000 (Seward's Folly)
      • ♦ 1870 15th Amendment passed, guarantees right to vote to all races
      • ♦ 1932 Amelia Earhart is first woman to fly across the Atlantic solo
      • ♦ 1950 Invention of the Phototransistor is announced at Murray Hill, NJ
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