The following funny stories have been sent to me via email over the years, wherever possible I cite the author. If you know or are the author of one of the uncredited funny stories please let me know and I’ll credit or remove the story at their/your request, details in the disclaimer page.

Wiley Coyote Litigates

Texas Chili Cookoff

Cat Bathing as a Martial Art

Calling in Sick to Work

Lawn Chairs Round the Fire

75 Rejected Wedding Ring Inscriptions

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      • ♦ 1606 Virginia Company settlers leave London to establish Jamestown
      • ♦ 1699 Peter the Great orders Russian New Year changed: Sept 1 to Jan 1
      • ♦ 1790 First successful US cotton mill, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island
      • ♦ 1803 Louisiana Purchase officially transferred from France to the US.
      • ♦ 1820 Missouri imposes a $1 bachelor tax on unmarried men from 21-50
      • ♦ 1860 South Carolina becomes the first state to secede from the union.
      • ♦ 1892 Phileas Fogg completes around world trip, according to Verne
      • ♦ 1892 The pneumatic automobile tire is patented
      • ♦ 1919 Canadian National Railways established (longest on continent with more than 50,000 kilometers of track in US and Canada)
      • ♦ 1922 14 states form the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
      • ♦ 1939 Radio Australia starts shortwave service
      • ♦ 1987 Larry Wall releases Perl version 1.
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