At some point, my roommate found a tractor tire and it followed him home. Well, maybe he rolled it home from a few blocks away.

So, what we have here is a big ol’ tractor tire. It stands about 5ft tall. It has holes drilled in the sidewalls so it won’t collect water and become a mosquito breeding area.

Things you can do with this tire include:
-Make a sandbox (the kids will love it as much as the neighborhood cats)
-Build a ramp in your back yard. Then have someone climb inside the tire and roll it down said ramp. (yes, this has been done. I got a concussion. I do not recommend trying this unless you like a pounding head)
-Have on friend get inside the tire, have them hold on tight, and then have a second friend get in. Two average adults can fit inside it (while a couple more idiots hold it stable). Then have your idiot friends roll the tire until it hits something (again, you may become concussed), or until they stop the rolling pain machine. (I will not explain any more experience in this area)

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"Free Tractor Tire – Funny Story" by was published on June 10th, 2008 and is listed in Funny Stories.

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