CondomThere comes a time in every boy’s life where he enjoys torturing Mom about things related to sex. It’s fun to “shock” her with all these things she doesn’t have experience with. Right…if you’re here, Mom knows a thing or two about what’s going on behind closed doors. Inevitably the young lad is brought to see the error of his ways. Boobs, Injuires and Dr. Pepper has the lovely story of such an awaking. This brought a tear to my eye. And probably his too. Snicker.

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"Teenage Boy Tortures Mom About Condoms, Pays the Price" by was published on March 23rd, 2008 and is listed in Funny Stories.

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Comments on "Teenage Boy Tortures Mom About Condoms, Pays the Price": 4 Comments

  1. Lope wrote,

    Beautiful Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Pit wrote,

    Don’t mess with Mom- she’ll take your butt to school! The cot on the lightswitch killed me…

  3. fragileheart wrote,

    LOL It’s wonderfully cruel! I loved the xbox!

  4. Pit wrote,

    I thought for sure she was just going to buy a box of condoms and embarrass him- but the smack down just kept on coming!

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