This is a short quiz for the group. You and your team will be carefully evaluated on the execution of a room take down. The following steps will need to be accomplished. ORDER IS IMPORTANT.

Pull pin on Grenade
Open Door
Toss in Grenade
Close Door
Grenade detonates
Storm the room and take down the bad guys.

Once again, follow the steps…or you’ll end up on Youtube.

How Not to Grenade a Room

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"How Not to Grenade a Room – Funny Video" by was published on July 14th, 2008 and is listed in Funny Video.

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Comments on "How Not to Grenade a Room – Funny Video": 4 Comments

  1. fragileheart wrote,

    Hm… is there something wrong with YouTube today? I haven’t been able to watch a single video… it will load fine, but it doesn’t play all the way (not just your vid, many others I’ve tried today).

  2. fragileheart wrote,

    p.s. but the joke you have on today is priceless!!

  3. Pit wrote,

    Humn, seems to be working for me- got a couple of emails on the vid that others thought it was funny. Have you tried a different comp?

  4. fragileheart wrote,

    It’s working today… LOL hehehe it’s still funny

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