So Improv Everywhere decided to liven up a little league game. They made it into a major league spectacle.

Major Little League

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"Major Little League – Funny Video" by was published on April 9th, 2008 and is listed in Funny Video.

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Comments on "Major Little League – Funny Video": 4 Comments

  1. Margaret wrote,

    Made those kids day — they will never forget that game whether they won or lost.

    Neat trick — one where everyone came out a winner.


  2. Pit wrote,

    I wonder if Goodyear did that for free or if they had to pay them?

  3. fragileheart wrote,

    Awh you’re just one big softie aren’t you Pit? 🙂 I liked this video very much!

  4. Pit wrote,

    Hehehe, maybe soft headed…it still was a cool joke to play on everyone- everyone went home smiling.

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